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What is Capital Arise LTD ?

Capital Arise LTD is a leading online broker offering financial services in forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments. Capital Arise LTD leverages the importance of technology to provide seamless financial trading services. We are highly regulated and we operate within the confines of the law in the jurisdictions we operate. Our mission is simple - to help traders achieve their financial potentials in the most effective way. We intend to give proper investment plans, strategies, and packages to traders for them to create the next generation of innovative technology.

How long has Capital Arise LTD been in business?

While we started operations in 2020, our team members have more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of financial services trading.

Can US citizens join Capital Arise LTD ?

Of course, Capital Arise LTD is open for everybody, including US citizens. We do not conduct IPO/ICO/IEO; as such, we are not under the spotlight of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Can I register with Capital Arise LTD from any country?

Absolutely, you can. Capital Arise LTD doesn't discriminate against any trade. We accommodate every trader from every part of the world.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Capital Arise LTD?

Funds withdrawal from our trading platform takes between 1 and 48 hours depending on the volume of transactions currently being processed. To withdraw your earnings, simply submit a withdrawal request from your dashboard and you are good to go.

What do I stand to gain trading on your platform?

Our investment/trading platform provides you with the most favorable conditions for cooperation, including different investment plans, progressive scale of profitability, low financial risk, convenience and ease of use, and many other benefits that you can really appreciate by investing with us.

Can I use more than one trading account?

No. You're only allowed to operate one account. If you open more than one account and we find out, you risk your trading account being closed by our administrators. On top of that, the funds in the account would be frozen.

Frequently Asked Questions Financial questions
What payment systems do Capital Arise LTD support?

We support a number of payment systems from PM (Perfect Money) to digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

What currency is used for investments?

Capital Arise LTD offers payments for a deposit program in USD, BTC, ETH and LTC. For example, if you use Bitcoin, all further investments will be progressing in this same cryptocurrency. When you decide to use another electronic wallet, investments will be effected in the corresponding currency.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

Capital Arise LTD requires all prospective account holders to maintain a minimum of $25, Bitcoin 0.0005, Ethereum 0.01 and Litecoin 0.1 before they can subscribe to any of our investment packages.

Can I participate in several deposit programs?

Of course, you can participate in more than one deposit programs simultaneously to earn more income.

What deposit program do I choose?

You are at liberty to choose any deposit program that suits your financial state and target. However, keep in mind that every deposit program we offer to traders has their advantages.

Is any commission charged when I withdraw my earnings?

We do not charge any fee for withdrawing your earnings on our platform. However, we do not have control on fees on the payment system you settle for.

Can I use different payment systems to deposit and withdraw funds?

No. Our policy only supports one payment system for both deposit and withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions AFFILIATE PROGRAM
How do I sign up for the affiliate program?

If you are a registered user of our site, you automatically become one of our partners and can qualify for additional income. To participate in the affiliate program, check your dashboard for your unique referral link and start sharing the link to make extra income.

Can I be an affiliate without making a deposit?

Of course you can. If you invite your friends or family members to join the Capital Arise LTD platform, you will earn referral commission. Check our referral program section for more information about our affiliate program.

How is the withdrawal, earnings on an affiliate program?

Once a new user signs up and makes a deposit using your unique referral link, you will automatically earn some percentage of the user's deposit. The funds would be available in your account for withdrawals. To withdraw the funds, simply submit a withdrawal request and we would process it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions SECURITY
Is my personal data protected?

Absolutely, your personal data and information is highly protected using the best security measures. Additionally, you can protect your information by using a script that meets modern safety standards.

Can a third-party see my data?

No. Your data is stored in our database. Therefore, it is impossible for a third-party to see or act on your information.

Can someone find out information about my transactions?

All information regarding financial transactions on Capital Arise LTD are encrypted via SSL certificate.

I have not found the answer to your question, where do I go?

Do you have other questions that are not captured in the FAQs section? Feel free to reach out to us at your convenience. We would do everything humanly possible to assist you.